Health issues arise for responders years after 9/11 attacks

Health issues arise for responders years after 9/11 attacks
After surgery and chemotherapy, Tinder was given a clean bill of health. "A year later I got a federal physical and they said the cancer is back," said Tinder. Tinder beat cancer twice in a two-year span and the federal government paid for his …
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Uncertainty Reigns Over Future of 9/11 Health Programs
Nearly 21,600 people received treatment through the World Trade Center Health Program over the past year, according to federal data, but officials haven't been able to say how many patients might lose access to doctors or medication if the program …
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As Markets Grow Uncertain, Health Care Is Eating Tech's Lunch
In a year that saw a terrible Ebola pandemic in Africa and the resurgence of Legionnaire's disease in New York, it's small wonder that life sciences and health-care companies are also leading the way for initial public offerings. Still, it's catching …

GOP hopeful Scott Walker offers health plan with tax credits

GOP hopeful Scott Walker offers health plan with tax credits
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker's plan for replacing President Barack Obama's health care law would extend refundable tax credits to help pay for private health insurance based on age instead of income, restructure …
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Untangling The Many Deductibles Of Health Insurance
Your plan's hospital deductible won't affect how much you pay for the visit to the specialist, whether or not his office is affiliated with the hospital, says Richard Gundling, vice president at the Healthcare Financial Management Association, a …
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Obamacare Safety Net Catching People Who Lose Health Insurance
As of March 31, 10.2 million people were fully enrolled into health insurance plans purchased via an exchange, the Department of Health and Human Services reported in June. Sign-ups on federal exchanges totaled 7.5 million, and the remainder were on …
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Measure your health risk before buying insurance cover

Measure your health risk before buying insurance cover
On analysing lifestyle and health problems one is likely to face, it is important to select a health insurance policy that can cater to these possible future ailments. Various insurance companies provide a variety of specially customised health …
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No insurance? No problem for some health providers
Looking for alternatives, patients like Werner who have no insurance or high deductibles are now connecting with direct-care providers popping up around the state. Forgoing health insurance all together, these providers ask their patients to pay out-of …
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Anthem Deal For Cigna Would Hasten Health Insurance Consolidation
"We believe that this transaction will allow us to enhance our competitive position and be better positioned to apply the insights and access of a broad network and dedicated local presence to the health care challenges of the increasingly diverse …
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Texas could face health insurance sticker shock for 2016

Texas could face health insurance sticker shock for 2016
"Just when we thought we were out of the woods, we now have to worry about whether private health insurers will deliver affordable rates – which is what the law is supposed to be all about," said Vivian Ho, a health-care economist at Rice University's …
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A beef with private health insurance
I've been a member of a private health fund all my life, yet I can't say it's served me well, especially not recently. I suppose I'm lucky in that I'm relatively healthy and so is my family — touch wood — but even so, almost every time I put my fund …
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Wal-Mart sued for denying health insurance to gay worker's wife
Wal-Mart, the largest private U.S. employer, began offering health insurance benefits to same-sex spouses last year, after the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013 struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act that denied federal benefits to married gay couples.
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India Network Foundation Assists NGOs Serving Millions of Godavari Pushkaram Kumbhmela Pilgrims in Rajahmundry, Siddantham, and Narasapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India

INF Staff Participating in Checking the quality of Food Served during Godavari Pushkarams

India Network Foundation, a non profit organization in the US, sponsors various programs for the benefit of Asian Indian community in the United States and in India. In response to a request from members, Dr. KV Rao, President, India Network Foundation announced a special package to distribute rice to NGOs based on their work and services to the pilgrims during the 12 days of celebration of river Godavari Maha Pushkarams, Andhra Pradesh.

A team of volunteers surveyed various Ghats located on the banks of holy river Godavari in Rajahmundry, Kovvur, Siddhantham, Narasapuram, Andhra Pradesh and distributed rice bags to selected NGOs that meet strict criteria. Many pilgrims and NGOs appreciated India Network Foundation assistance in providing high quality rice to help millions of pilgrims during the 12 days of celebration of river Godavari that started this week. All members are invited to contribute to this project quickly by completing the donation form on the secure server web site. All donated funds will be immediately put in to action by the Foundation. Individual members may designate the donation in the name of their parents, grandparents etc.

India Network Foundation sponsors a visitor health insurance program that helps thousands of elderly parents visiting the US every year from India. The India Network Health Insurance has been the only source of accident and sickness insurance for US bound parents, and grandparents with one or more pre-existing conditions.

Dr. KV Rao, Founder & President, India Network Foundation, said that the Foundation supported several projects in rural India and NGOs in India who are doing excellent work. As a matter of principle, India Network does not distribute funds but in kind. During the current ongoing Godavari Pushkarams, India Network decided to donate rice to help NGOs serving the pilgrim community in Godavari basin area. All NGOs in the area that require any kind of assistance may contact local project volunteer, Mr. Ravi Kanth at nawabpalem(at)gmail(dot) com. India Network members who wish to donate funds to this rice distribution project may do so by visiting the India Network Contribution Page.

About India Network Foundation

India Network Foundation, established as a US non-profit organization, has been helping the Asian Indian community in North America with programs and grants to academics from India for more than two decades. India Network Foundation sponsors visitor health insurance to tourists, students, temporary workers (H1 visa holders) and their families. All insurance products are administered by India Network Services.

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About India Network Health Insurance

India Network Services is a US based company that administers visitor health insurance to visiting parents, transient residents, tourists, students, temporary workers and their families. Cashless Visitor health insurance plans are offered for all age groups with network based comprehensive coverage and with pre-existing condition coverage


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The fourth-quarter results are based on more than 43,000 interviews with U.S. adults from Oct. 1 to Dec. 30, 2014, as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Gallup and Healthways ask 500 U.S. adults each day whether they have health insurance, …

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