Understanding the Health Insurance Marketplace in Maine – Whiteboard video

Understanding the Health Insurance Marketplace in Maine - Whiteboard video

Need help paying for health coverage? Help is on the way! Mainers can get help buying health insurance plans that meet their needs on the new Health Insuranc…

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The Health Benefits of Ginger

Buy Our Organic Ginger in Veggie Caps – http://www.celestialhealing.net/herb9.htm Dr Akilah El presents “The Health Benefits of Ginger”. Ginger is one of the…
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Brian Clement and Anna Maria Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida have joined forces with the George W. Yu Foundation to hos…

Discovery Health Partners Wins 18 New Healthcare Customers in 2014

Itasca, IL (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

Discovery Health Partners, a division of LaunchPoint, announces dramatic growth in clients and headcount for 2014, as the firm continued to expand its payment integrity solution suite and drive measurable results for its healthcare clients. Discovery Health Partners has responded to the increased market pressure on health plans by delivering next-generation payment integrity software and solutions to improve recoveries, avoid costs, and optimize revenue. The company added new health plans to its client roster every quarter in 2014, in effect doubling the number to 37 clients, including two of the top five payers and seven clients in Blue Cross/Blue Shield organizations. Currently, Discovery Health Partners software processes 10,000,000 unique lives under management, with 65 percent of 2014 revenue coming from new customers.

Since January, Discovery Health Partners has won multiple new healthcare clients including Summacare, Hometown Health, Physicians Plus, Health Choice and one of the top five health plans in the country, among others. In addition, the company expanded its work with the former Lovelace Health Plan and with Fallon Health to bring proven solutions that address the changing needs of the marketplace.

To service this client demand, Discovery Health Partners grew employee headcount 62 percent in 2014, adding 30 employees in the fourth quarter alone. New employees support clients as recovery and business data analysts, senior software security architects, call center representatives and legal experts.

The Discovery Payment Integrity Suite includes Discovery Analytics; Discovery Claims Analytics; Discovery Coordination of Benefits; Discovery Eligibility; and Discovery Subrogation. Discovery Health Partners plans to continue hiring in 2015 at a similar rate to 2014.

Discovery Health Partners recently published the following client successes:

1Heart Care Franchise Brings Its Unique Concept And Programs To Houston Texas As Announced By CEO Belina Calderon Tagarao

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) November 30, 2014

1Heart Caregiver Services CEO Belina Calderon Tagarao announced to bring its unique concept and programs to Houston Texas on February 2015. 1Heart CS executive team will meet thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners at the premier franchise expo south serving Southwestern US, Latin America and Caribbean. CEO Belina Calderon Tagarao announces the official launching of 1Heart national senior care franchise and recognition of long service employees this December at Castaway Burbank California. 1Heart CS will meet with its franchise consultants, business consultants and future franchise operators to discuss relevant programs to move forward in growing the 1Heart brand all over USA.

CEO Belina has spearheaded the expansion of 1Heart CS since 2007 after its operations for four years which started in Beverly Hills. CEO Belina had worked hard in forming a team of executives that will form part of the expansion program creating strong head office departments, case management team, marketing team, business development group that can roll out programs needed to grow the business. Unique concepts and programs were formed by the 1Heart executives and managers.

1Heart CS is run and operated by executives and managers with more than 60 years of collective experience in healthcare and 15 year experience as Master Franchisor with training at St. Louis Missouri and other parts of the world. 1Heart CS is now prepared to accept franchise operators and share the successful and profitable experience in running the operating system and all the programs that makes it distinct and better. The home health care industry is one of the most profitable franchise business as published by USA Today last May 2012. The senior population is projected to reach 83.7 million by year 2050, almost double from the 2012 level.

The senior care franchise shares very distinct benefits like lowest investment risk, minimal brick and mortar expense, short ramp up time, affordable multi-franchise opportunities, profitable franchise business and gross revenue that can reach high levels in one or two years with attractive gross margins.

1Heart CS franchise, as articulated by Director for Business Development and Training Randy Clarito, provides additional advantage like a solid 11 years of profitable operations, comprehensive caregiver training through CS Caregiver University, extensive continuing professional training at 1Heart Business Academy, strong business relationships with national senior retirement facilities, larger protected territories available, 1Heart 3 Ps of success, 1Heart purpose of business, 1Heart corporate strategy, circle of care, continuing health education, continuing professional education, brain fitness education program, elder education program, 1Heart service philosophy, core values, comprehensive market information system and local marketing programs.

1Heart CS franchise operators will be trained in 1Heart Business Academy for five days learning all the skills, business processes, methodology and strategies to grow the business. Franchisees will internalize all unique concepts and programs including online marketing strategy spearheaded by 1Heart Vice President of Operations Kevin Tagarao like web-based business acceleration program, lead generation campaign, SEO campaign, 1Heart caregiver database and online market penetration program.

About 1Heart Group of Company headed by CEO Belina Calderon Tagarao:

1Heart Caregiver ServicesTM (1Heart CS) http://www.1Heartcares.com is a premier In-home care service company that provides professional private care duty to seniors and adults requiring assistance in their home and healthcare needs for the past 11 years. The company is run and managed by healthcare Executives with local and international training with combined top level executive work experience of more than 50 years. CEO Belina Tagarao is a Los Angeles IMAGE AWARDS honoree 2013 and HiFi 2014 Fil-American awardee as HiFi Ambassador of Goodwill within the Fil-American business community in Los Angeles. 1Heart CS is the only In-Home Care company that has its in-house ‘Caregiver University’ spearheaded by Training Director Randy Neil in Southern California area that provides professional caregiver training held at its Los Angeles head office aligned with its Continuing Professional Education program implemented to all corporate managers and staff of the company and extended to senior living facility requiring in-service training for their staff. The Staffing department headed by Staffing Officer Jennifer Remigio, Charlotte Baseleres and associate Bernadette Manahan takes charge of staffing solutions to all cases, hiring, payroll and screening of all applicants and update of caregivers, CNA and HHA data base that can readily be assigned to new and existing cases handled by Client and Care Managers Arnold Navarro, Anne Capili, Shirley Billedo and Andrei Peralta assigned in each target County. The company Vice-President of Operations Kevin Tagarao has consolidated the companys daily operations, established online web presence and facilitated integration of new technologies. The company carries out a Circle of Care process that is uniquely implemented by all 1Heart Managers and remains unmatched by any senior care service company.

1Heart CS is a Certified Member of CAHSAH, California Association for Health Services at Home, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, BBB and operates in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino County and Santa Barbara County area. For a case evaluation, call #213-351-9100 #805-338-8100, #310-779-6254, #818-561-6641 and #562-412-2420 for an agreed schedule of appointment. For caregiver applicants with minimum of 2 years work experience, look for Jennifer Remigio to process the application with the submission of live scan finger print, SS card, CA Drivers license, CPR / First aid certification and TB test results. 1Heart Caregiver Services is now officially declared as a Master Franchisor having received the California state registration legally allowing 1Heart to offer franchise to different business group all over USA.

L.A. Jobs Employment Agency

The leading career and visa specialist in Los Angeles for foreign professionals. L.A. Jobs, http://www.lajobsea.com provides more opportunities for international workers who are highly qualified professionals and competitive to be able to build their career in the U.S. The company had successfully placed hundreds of applicants in the past few years even during the period of recession and it had attained a high approval rate of H-1B work petitions and green card of applicants enabling them to take the path to citizenship through employment and live the American dream. The company aims to be the premier leader in the employment industry in the U.S. Visit for no charge consultation and look for Mari Reola, HR Manager and Pam Sison, Legal and Marketing Specialist or call at #213-351-9100.

Summit Medical Billing

A fast growing Medical Billing company that helps physicians and other medical and healthcare companies obtain payment from insurance carriers and patients by effectively handling insurance claims and aid them to manage their practice and finance side efficiently. Summit Medical Billing with its staff Arielle, Pauline and Christina aims to establish a strong alliance with the American Medical Association and continue to provide help to their members increase their revenue with the efficient handling by the company’s billing expert.

Dr. James Tanner Now Reverses Gum Recession in Greensboro, NC through a New, Minimally Invasive Procedure

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) January 09, 2015

Greensboro, NC residents seeking treatment for receding gums are now invited to visit local periodontist, Dr. James Tanner for the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST), a new alternative to gum grafting. Dr. Tanner recently joined the small number of professionals who are certified to offer this minimally invasive procedure. With PST, Dr. Tanner can correct gum recession while minimizing the risk of complications after the procedure, such as pain and infection.

Rather than relocating healthy gum tissue, Dr. Tanner reverses the effects of recession by restoring the receding tissue to a more natural position. To do this, Dr. Tanner makes a small incision in the tissue and uses a specialized tool to reach through the pinhole incision; using this tool, Dr. Tanner carefully loosens the gum tissue until it can be pulled up or down to cover more of the exposed teeth. This approach allows Dr. Tanner to correct widespread recession in as little as one session, minimizing the trips that patients must make to visit their periodontist in Greensboro. As a minimally invasive procedure, PST offers a low risk of infections, bleeding, discomfort or delayed healing. Many people return to regular activities within a day of the procedure.

PST and other gum recession treatments offer patients various health benefits. Gum recession can leave teeth exposed to infection, and the loss of supporting gum tissue can result in increased tooth mobility. Cosmetically, recession can cause the appearance of long teeth and an unbalanced smile. PST addresses all of these issues. Dr. Tanners patients also benefit from seeking gum recession treatment because they can learn whether the recession is associated with other oral health problems. Receding gums can be an early symptom of periodontal disease, or can occur because of tooth clenching, poor oral hygiene, harsh brushing techniques or bite misalignment. Patients who put off seeking treatment for gum recession may face unnecessary health complications associated with the underlying cause of the condition.

Dr. Tanner encourages patients to watch for visual signs of receding gums, such as changes in gum pocket depth or apparent tooth length. Tooth sensitivity or looseness can also be a sign of recession. People who notice these oral health changes are encouraged to visit Greensboro periodontist, Dr. Tanner as soon as possible. Patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Tanner by calling his office or visiting his website.

About the Doctor

Dr. James H. Tanner is a board-certified periodontist offering personalized dental care for patients in Greensboro, NC. Dr. Tanner has extensive education and earned his Bachelors degree in Biology and Chemistry from Bucknell University. He then obtained his DDS from the Ohio State University. He went on to obtain his certificate in Periodontics and Masters degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also an adjunct assistant professor for the Department of Periodontics at UNC. Dr. Tanner and his staff strive to treat every patient with kindness, and give them the individual attention and care they deserve. To learn more about Dr. Tanner and the dental services he provides, please visit his website at http://www.triadhealthygums.com or call (336) 545-9084.

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The 5 Basic Steps to Getting the Financial House in Order

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) January 07, 2015

Dr. Jack Singer says the continual accumulation of debt may be a psychological disorder. At Ash Brokerage Corporation, getting your financial house in order is the key to financial freedom.

Pay the Breadwinners First

Most people have monthly bills with no monthly budget. Creating a budget will help manage spending on goods and services. Paying the breadwinners first, before any other budgetary commitment, can deliver financial peace of mind, which is worth much more than empty self-esteem through the purchases of unnecessary items. If there’s no money leftover at the end of the month, then its time to reduce monthly spending and have a garage sale. Paying the breadwinners first is the most important check to write. And when you get to the point where the breadwinners getting a check first, where does the money go?

Pay Down Debt

Reducing debt not only creates more cash flow, but it also can begin to create net worth. Second mortgages, credit card debt or car payments can destroy cash flow and make it practically impossible to create personal wealth. Paying down debt with a systematic pay off plan is the only way to get out from under the weight of debt and the stress it causes. And its not just the price tag of meds for insomnia, but also the price tag of relationships that can end in divorce over money. So start managing down debt and start experiencing cash flow, then create an emergency fund.

Create an Emergency Fund

Life just happens. And life happens without warning. If its not some sudden home repair, its fixing the car. And if its not replacing possessions, its about personal health. Trips to the ER and medical problems seem to surface out of nowhere. And keep in mind a breadwinner’s income is not guaranteed. Anyone can be downsized out of a job overnight. So creating an emergency fund that covers all insurance deductibles is absolutely necessary, including a rainy day fund for at least 90 days of unemployment. Establishing both of these accounts can help weather a sudden financial storm. Then its time to start saving for the long haul of retirement, providing your not renting a home or apartment.

Stop Renting & Buy a House

Renting versus owning a home is more important than ever. 35 year veteran Realtor Michael Bodeen was recently said, “Demand and price appreciation in the Phoenix-Scottsdale metro market will begin to hit another stride this Spring. With interest rates remaining at historic lows and a renewed optimism about the economy many renters will again become owners.” So nows the time to scrimp, scrape and work overtime for a down payment on a home. Throughout most of the country, its a buyers market; so there are deals to be had. And lenders are loosening their grip on issuing mortgages. And for most of the middle class, mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible, so thats an additional incentive. Now back to saving for the long haul.

Start Saving for Retirement

No one works forever. Eventually, everyone slows down and stops working altogether. Social Security can help, but no one really knows what benefits will be available decades from now. So its important to take responsibility for the future. It’s important to start saving for retirement, especially in a 401(k) plan, where the employer matches employee contributions and/or the plan participant is in a high effective tax bracket. But if either of those scenarios don’t exist, then you should consider a Roth IRA or a cash value life insurance policy designed for optimum accumulation. They’re not deductible like a 401(k) plan, but can generate tax-free distributions if designed correctly.

Getting the old financial house in order can bring a renewed sense of accomplishment, but it requires a plan and will power.

Creative Group Appoints Janet Traphagen President

Appleton, Wis (PRWEB) December 19, 2014

Creative Group Inc., a performance improvement company, today announced that Janet Traphagen will become the companys president effective Jan. 5, 2015.

Janet is a rock-solid performer in our industry and a great choice to be president, said Ron Officer, Creative Group CEO and Chairman of the Board. Our clients will be well served with her at the helm. Shes passionate not only about the business, but also about our company and the legacy begun by our founder, Dick Baker.

Traphagen will manage the companys day-to-day operations and has a key objective of building upon Creative Groups record of adding value to its client relationshipsbringing a higher level of understanding of their goals, and developing additional products and services that meet their needs. The 2012 revitalization of Creative Groups CreativeCollection platform, which she spearheaded, is one example of a program created as a direct response to client needs. CreativeCollection offers a range of individual recognition solutions designed to align employees, sales force and customer behavior with desired results.

We want to elevate the conversation with our clients and be even more of a strategic partner, she said. The introduction of CreativeCollection and the growth of our strategic meetings management consulting practice are just two ways in which Creative Group is contributing more value and more relevance to our customers.

About Janet Traphagen

A 24-year veteran of the meetings and events industry, Traphagen is currently Creative Groups executive vice president, sales and marketing, and serves on the companys executive committee and senior leadership team. She joined the company in 1996 as account manager and transitioned into sales in 1999. She held positions of increasing responsibility leading up to her promotion to executive vice president in 2008. Prior to Creative Group, she worked for Motivation Excellence and Cardinal Health.

Traphagen is a member of the Sales Management Summit, a board for senior sales executives; is on the board of the Incentive Research Foundation; and frequently participates in industry panel discussions. She also is a board member for Humor for Hope, a nonprofit that provides laughter therapy for critically ill children. She studied marketing and communications at Ohios Cedarville University and Illinois North Central College.

About Creative Group

Creative Group, Inc. is a full-service performance improvement company focused on meeting and event management, group incentive travel and individual recognition solutions. The companys offerings comprise performance strategies, including employee recognition, sales incentives and customer loyalty; travel buying and procurement; event branding and marketing; meeting logistics and program execution; development of success metrics and strategic meetings management strategies; and product launches. It serves clients in financial services, healthcare, HVAC, insurance, manufacturing, retail, technology and more.

An industry leader, Creative Group has been named one of CMI Magazine’s top 25 U.S. meetings and incentive companies each year since the list began in 2007.

Employing nearly 150, the employee-owned company is headquartered in in Appleton, Wisconsin, and has a large office in the Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Satellite offices are located in Detroit and Los Angeles.


CreativeCollection is a trademark of Creative Group, Inc.

New Law Slams Shut Gap in Insurance Confidentiality: Patients May Now Request that Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Remain Private

Baltimore, Maryland (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

A form released today by the Maryland Insurance Administration will offer protections to survivors of domestic violence and substantially expand access to healthcare for women and families.

This is a victory for anyone in need of health care who genuinely fears for their safety, and worries what might happen if their personal health insurance information (Explanation of Benefits) is shared with the policyholder, said State Senator Delores Kelley (D-10), the legislations chief sponsor.

Maryland is one of the first in the nation to ensure privacy of confidential medical information in insurance communications for those seeking reproductive health care, mental health treatment, or medical treatment or counseling due to domestic violence.

We regularly see patients who are fearful, and delay or avoid treatment, or pay exorbitant out-of-pocket costs for care routinely covered by their insurance, rather than risk what might happen if the policyholder were to find out about their medical treatment, said Jenny Black, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Maryland.

I was personally involved in a case in which the husband beat his wife to death due to information he received in the Explanation of Benefits, said Lorraine Diana, a Maryland Nurse Practitioner when she testified in Annapolis in support of the legislation.

As staunch advocates of patient rights, Planned Parenthood of Maryland led the successful bipartisan campaign for passage of Senate Bill 790 Communications Between Carriers and Enrollees Conformity with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The Maryland General Assembly unanimously passed SB 790, advancing the use of privacy protections already in place under HIPAA. The Governor signed the bill into law on April 8, 2014.

The form released today by the Maryland Insurance Administration provides individuals who feel endangered the means to protect their privacy. Once signed and submitted, the form instructs insurance companies to forward all insurance communications to an address provided by the patient as opposed to the address determined by the policyholder.

Our job now is to raise public awareness of these legal protections and encourage survivors of domestic violence and others to access any needed medical treatment, Black said.

We believe that this one page form will foster a sense of safety among those living in fear and ultimately save lives.

Download the new form at the Planned Parenthood of Maryland website.


The mission of Planned Parenthood of Maryland is to enable all Marylanders to have access to a wide range of high quality affordable reproductive health care services. By providing medical services, education, training and advocacy, PPM seeks to help individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health, family planning options and sexuality.