Bankers Fidelity Life Promotes Bob Hines as new President

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

ATLANTA, Georgia, May 20, 2015 Atlantic American Corporation (Nasdaq-AAME) today announced that Bankers Fidelity, the core company of its life and health operations, has appointed Bob Hines as their new President. Hines has over 25 years of experience in the life insurance industry, with 20 of it at Bankers Fidelity, as a Vice President and lastly, as an Executive Vice President. To compliment his extensive industry experience, Hines has a BS in Business Management and Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Shorter University in Rome, GA.

In his tenure with the company, Hines has been able to expand goals and knowledge that translated into customer satisfaction and company growth. A focus point of Hines new position will be to maintain the integrity, credibility and work ethic he has helped build within the company, We are not going to sacrifice the fundamental values and principles that our leadership has long relied upon to enable us to be the company we have become, stated Hines. Bankers Fidelity Life is excited for the industry knowledge, talent and motivation Hines will bring to the organization and how his attributes will translate into client expansion.

In a message to all Bankers Fidelity Life Agents, Bob Hines stated, As most of you know, it is a time of significant change within our organization. We are excited and optimistic about the many opportunities that lie in front of us. We are thankful to have the outstanding relationships we have built with each of you over the years. It is our hope that you see the future of Bankers Fidelity with optimism and excitement.

Bankers Fidelity is an insurance provider specializing in life and supplemental health products. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Bankers Fidelity has 60 years of experience in the insurance industry and a reputable A- rating from A.M. Best.

UConn School of Medicine Expands Partnership with MRM Group

Hartford, CT (PRWEB) May 11, 2015

MRM Group, LLC, a leading national provider of healthcare risk management and patient safety solutions, today announced the expansion of its partnership with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, providing live and online risk education to 15 residency programs and 15 fellowship programs.

UConns engagement with MRM Group began in 2008, delivering risk education to seven of their residency programs. Since that time, over 3,000 residents have participated in the program, and as a result, the university has experienced significant, measured improvements.

We are required to make residents practice ready when they leave this institution, said Jacqueline Nissen, MD, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education. The residents fully appreciate how a curriculum in risk management and patient safety principles is critical to success as they progress through their training, and weve seen greater than 95% effectiveness with regard to how it impacts their practice, Dr. Nissen added.

In addition, one of the universitys principal residency training sites has seen a 76 percent decrease in claim frequency since implementing the MRM Group program in 2008, as well as a 99 percent decrease in claim severity during the same period.

Today, the MRM Group program is provided to the universitys residents and fellows as the Quality and Patient Safety Certificate Program and successful completion requires passing a comprehensive exam.

The University of Connecticuts experience with MRM Group is a terrific success story, and demonstrates the extraordinary impact that risk education and practice change initiatives can have during the formative years that residents spend in clinical training, stated Kevin W. Kelly, MRM Groups president and CEO. Residency programs provide a core foundation of patient safety and risk avoidance habits, and the team at MRM Group is delighted that one of the most respected graduate medical education programs in our region has so deeply embraced this sentiment. We look forward to expanding and deepening our partnership with UConn, and helping to ensure the highest possible levels of patient care with new generations of providers.

About MRM Group, LLC

With clients from coast to coast, MRM Group empowers healthcare providers and institutions to eliminate preventable adverse events, reduce the frequency and severity of claims, and reduce malpractice premiums, while increasing patient safety and improving the patient experience. Founded in 2003 by leading malpractice defense attorneys, as well as healthcare and insurance executives, MRM Group has transformed the way institutions think about risk and patient safety education, creating a highly-effective, specialty-specific methodology that has proven time and again to drive sustained practice change and consistently deliver a remarkable return on investment. For more information, visit

About UConn Health

UConn Health is the academic medical center for the University of Connecticut. It is a major health care provider for central Connecticut with more than 600 providers across 57 clinical disciplines. Our teaching programs encompass bio-medical sciences, dental medicine and medicine. Our residency programs offer training to 800 physicians in every major hospital in Hartford. Our research attracts more than $ 150 million annually in research funds from government and industry.

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Discovery Health Partners Wins 18 New Healthcare Customers in 2014

Itasca, IL (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

Discovery Health Partners, a division of LaunchPoint, announces dramatic growth in clients and headcount for 2014, as the firm continued to expand its payment integrity solution suite and drive measurable results for its healthcare clients. Discovery Health Partners has responded to the increased market pressure on health plans by delivering next-generation payment integrity software and solutions to improve recoveries, avoid costs, and optimize revenue. The company added new health plans to its client roster every quarter in 2014, in effect doubling the number to 37 clients, including two of the top five payers and seven clients in Blue Cross/Blue Shield organizations. Currently, Discovery Health Partners software processes 10,000,000 unique lives under management, with 65 percent of 2014 revenue coming from new customers.

Since January, Discovery Health Partners has won multiple new healthcare clients including Summacare, Hometown Health, Physicians Plus, Health Choice and one of the top five health plans in the country, among others. In addition, the company expanded its work with the former Lovelace Health Plan and with Fallon Health to bring proven solutions that address the changing needs of the marketplace.

To service this client demand, Discovery Health Partners grew employee headcount 62 percent in 2014, adding 30 employees in the fourth quarter alone. New employees support clients as recovery and business data analysts, senior software security architects, call center representatives and legal experts.

The Discovery Payment Integrity Suite includes Discovery Analytics; Discovery Claims Analytics; Discovery Coordination of Benefits; Discovery Eligibility; and Discovery Subrogation. Discovery Health Partners plans to continue hiring in 2015 at a similar rate to 2014.

Discovery Health Partners recently published the following client successes:

The 5 Basic Steps to Getting the Financial House in Order

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) January 07, 2015

Dr. Jack Singer says the continual accumulation of debt may be a psychological disorder. At Ash Brokerage Corporation, getting your financial house in order is the key to financial freedom.

Pay the Breadwinners First

Most people have monthly bills with no monthly budget. Creating a budget will help manage spending on goods and services. Paying the breadwinners first, before any other budgetary commitment, can deliver financial peace of mind, which is worth much more than empty self-esteem through the purchases of unnecessary items. If there’s no money leftover at the end of the month, then its time to reduce monthly spending and have a garage sale. Paying the breadwinners first is the most important check to write. And when you get to the point where the breadwinners getting a check first, where does the money go?

Pay Down Debt

Reducing debt not only creates more cash flow, but it also can begin to create net worth. Second mortgages, credit card debt or car payments can destroy cash flow and make it practically impossible to create personal wealth. Paying down debt with a systematic pay off plan is the only way to get out from under the weight of debt and the stress it causes. And its not just the price tag of meds for insomnia, but also the price tag of relationships that can end in divorce over money. So start managing down debt and start experiencing cash flow, then create an emergency fund.

Create an Emergency Fund

Life just happens. And life happens without warning. If its not some sudden home repair, its fixing the car. And if its not replacing possessions, its about personal health. Trips to the ER and medical problems seem to surface out of nowhere. And keep in mind a breadwinner’s income is not guaranteed. Anyone can be downsized out of a job overnight. So creating an emergency fund that covers all insurance deductibles is absolutely necessary, including a rainy day fund for at least 90 days of unemployment. Establishing both of these accounts can help weather a sudden financial storm. Then its time to start saving for the long haul of retirement, providing your not renting a home or apartment.

Stop Renting & Buy a House

Renting versus owning a home is more important than ever. 35 year veteran Realtor Michael Bodeen was recently said, “Demand and price appreciation in the Phoenix-Scottsdale metro market will begin to hit another stride this Spring. With interest rates remaining at historic lows and a renewed optimism about the economy many renters will again become owners.” So nows the time to scrimp, scrape and work overtime for a down payment on a home. Throughout most of the country, its a buyers market; so there are deals to be had. And lenders are loosening their grip on issuing mortgages. And for most of the middle class, mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible, so thats an additional incentive. Now back to saving for the long haul.

Start Saving for Retirement

No one works forever. Eventually, everyone slows down and stops working altogether. Social Security can help, but no one really knows what benefits will be available decades from now. So its important to take responsibility for the future. It’s important to start saving for retirement, especially in a 401(k) plan, where the employer matches employee contributions and/or the plan participant is in a high effective tax bracket. But if either of those scenarios don’t exist, then you should consider a Roth IRA or a cash value life insurance policy designed for optimum accumulation. They’re not deductible like a 401(k) plan, but can generate tax-free distributions if designed correctly.

Getting the old financial house in order can bring a renewed sense of accomplishment, but it requires a plan and will power.