Mental health coverage unequal in many Obamacare plans

Mental health coverage unequal in many Obamacare plans
A new study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that consumer information on a quarter of the Obamacare plans that researchers examined appeared to go against a federal "parity" law designed to stop discrimination in coverage …
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Does urban greenery improve our health?
This question has drawn a lot of interest in recent years, especially with the concerns of climate change, pollution and overpopulation, and it is undeniable that more and more research points to strong connections between urban greenery and public health.

This Health Account Can Add to a Nest Egg Too
As savings vehicles go, Health Savings Accounts, or H.S.A.s, are rainy day funds with generous benefits. The funds are tax-advantaged accounts that have been available since 2003 to taxpayers with high-deductible health plans (currently plans with …
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No Medical Exam Life Insurance – Purchase Life Coverage in a Convenient and Fast Way

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People who think of starting a family should not forget about the importance of carrying life insurance. The security and financial well being of vulnerable family members is a top priority for every parent and spouse. If something happens and a provider dies, the surviving family members will have limited or no means to support themselves.

Life insurance plans pay proceedings after the insured passes away. The proceedings are received by the policys beneficiaries and they can use the money to cover important financial expenses, including the funeral costs of the recently deceased. It is now possible to purchase life insurance without having to take medical examinations.

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State worker health coverage pushed to be more like private sector

State worker health coverage pushed to be more like private sector
A House committee Thursday approved a proposal that would make major changes in the state-employee health insurance system, shifting responsibilities to workers and making the system more closely resemble private-sector health plans.
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Health Insurance Stocks For a Republican Win
In particular, investors may want to look at how to play the health insurance space. Health care remains a subject of divide between the two parties, with Republicans trying to repeal Obama's nationwide health care reform since 2010.

Health Care May Prove Costly for Obama
The Catholic Church has come out in strong opposition to a clause in the 2010 health care reform bill that has plagued Democrats since the law's adoption. It's been a long road for President Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, …
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