Discovery Health Partners Wins 18 New Healthcare Customers in 2014

Itasca, IL (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

Discovery Health Partners, a division of LaunchPoint, announces dramatic growth in clients and headcount for 2014, as the firm continued to expand its payment integrity solution suite and drive measurable results for its healthcare clients. Discovery Health Partners has responded to the increased market pressure on health plans by delivering next-generation payment integrity software and solutions to improve recoveries, avoid costs, and optimize revenue. The company added new health plans to its client roster every quarter in 2014, in effect doubling the number to 37 clients, including two of the top five payers and seven clients in Blue Cross/Blue Shield organizations. Currently, Discovery Health Partners software processes 10,000,000 unique lives under management, with 65 percent of 2014 revenue coming from new customers.

Since January, Discovery Health Partners has won multiple new healthcare clients including Summacare, Hometown Health, Physicians Plus, Health Choice and one of the top five health plans in the country, among others. In addition, the company expanded its work with the former Lovelace Health Plan and with Fallon Health to bring proven solutions that address the changing needs of the marketplace.

To service this client demand, Discovery Health Partners grew employee headcount 62 percent in 2014, adding 30 employees in the fourth quarter alone. New employees support clients as recovery and business data analysts, senior software security architects, call center representatives and legal experts.

The Discovery Payment Integrity Suite includes Discovery Analytics; Discovery Claims Analytics; Discovery Coordination of Benefits; Discovery Eligibility; and Discovery Subrogation. Discovery Health Partners plans to continue hiring in 2015 at a similar rate to 2014.

Discovery Health Partners recently published the following client successes:

ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions Receives Certification to Assist Kentucky Residents With Enrolling For Kynect, Kentuckys Healthcare Connection

Bedford Park, Illinois (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

At no cost to the individual, the ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions (ACAMES) professionals can assist Kentucky residents enroll in Kynect, Kentuckys Healthcare Connection. The licensed and certified ACAMES professionals specialize in: helping individuals determine their eligibility for premium assistance and calculate if they qualify for a subsidy or tax credit; shopping from ACAMES national insurance companies to select the plan options that best meet their individual needs; assisting in senior products such as Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Products and helping those who recently lost their job-based health insurance coverage.

Who is ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions?

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Obama administration rewrites some health-care policies

Obama administration rewrites some health-care policies
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Nucleus Medical Media and Gwinnett Medical Center Launch New Healthcare Website Featuring Animated Patient Discharge Instructions

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 19, 2013

Nucleus Medical Media, Inc., the Internets leading creator of 3D medical animations, and Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia, have launched a new patient education website featuring animated patient discharge instructions.

The Caring for Yourself After Surgery site features videos on seven common topics, including checking blood flow in the arms and legs, caring for surgical drains, and removing a Foley catheter. Gwinnett Medical Center uses the site as a resource before surgery and after patients are discharged from the hospital.

Gwinnett Medical Center PACU Clinical Resource Nurse Pamela Bear says the discharge animations are helping both families and her fellow nurses, Families state they feel more confident after watching the videos and like being able to access the website to reinforce the instructions after they have returned to their homes. Nurses feel the videos actually make their job easier. After the family and/or patient have reviewed the videos, discharge instructions have more meaning for the patients and their families.

Along with detailed 3D animations and narrations, each video features a downloadable PDF with comprehensive instructions and images to reinforce patient understanding of post-surgical care. Like the animations, the companion PDFs were created strictly following the principles of effective patient communication and health literacy.

“Our goals were to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes,” said Lynne Sycamore, Patient and Family Education Coordinator with Gwinnett Medical Center. “First, our staff shows patients the discharge animations in the hospital and follows it up with a teach-back session. We discover what questions they have, and ask patients to explain the content in their own words. Afterward, patients receive a printed handout with a link to the website so they can review the material at home.”

Sycamore believes video animations help patients understand information since they can pause, rewind, and watch parts again. “It’s a beneficial element because often, when patients leave our care, they’re still feeling the effects of anesthesia, or they may be on pain medication. Patients may not remember everything we’ve told them. If they prefer the paper form, they can follow those instructions, and if they need more direction, they can go back to the website and watch the animations again,” she says.

Ron Collins, CEO and Cofounder of Nucleus Medical Media believes the website will help reduce hospital readmissions. When patients receive more health information before, during and after care, they are more likely to comply with medical treatment, he says. These narrated medical animations are perfect for health literacy because they require no reading and have moving graphic demonstrations of how to perform key tasks related to aftercare.

AMS Cloud-Based SPHER Breach Detection & Remediation Technology Protects Healthcare Providers From HIPAA Penalties

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) February 22, 2013

According to the Ponemon Institutes Third Annual Survey on Medical Identity Theft, there will be an estimated 1.85 million medical identity theft victims in 2012 (up from 1.41 million in 2010), costing each victim upwards of $ 22,346.

In addition to the importance of protecting patients privacy, healthcare providers face serious financial penalties for non-compliance of the HIPAA Security Rule. In fact, for violations on or after February 18, 2009, the fine is now $ 100 to $ 50,000 or more per violation, with a $ 1.5 million maximum.

To help healthcare providers reduce the risk of financial responsibility, AMS (All Medical Solutions), the healthcare division of Fusion Systems America, introduces SPHER Breach Detection & Remediation Service. SPHER is an affordable service that allows providers to review their EHR audit logs quickly and easily to meet HIPAA Security Requirements. SPHER removes the complexity and stress from breach-related compliance while helping mitigate potential litigation against healthcare providers and lowering insurance premiums for malpractice and cyber security.

Being 100 percent HIPAA compliant is very important, said Gina Shearer, Privacy Officer of MRI Centers. SPHER has allowed us to effortlessly and affordably meet that goal by handling the EHR-centric aspects of compliance. Our patients can feel more secure with the knowledge that we have done all we can to protect their private health data.

Key features of SPHER Breach Detection and Remediation include:, individual mandate, healthcare reform, PPACA, Obamacare

It’s time for another health care reform minute. Starting in January of 2014. obamacare requires all us citizens to purchase and maintain health insurance. This can come from employer provided coverage, medicaid or medicare if eligible, a private or public exchange or the commercial market.For anyone who chooses not to purchase health insurance, the health care reform mandate spells out penalties. In 2014, the penalty is 1% of family income or 5, whichever is greater. In 2015, the penalty is 2% of family income or 5, whichever is greater. In 2016 and beyond, the penalty is 2.5% or 85, whichever is greater and will be adjusted up every year after that. For comparison, the Congressional budget office estimates that health insurance premiums will be 00-00 per person per year. For an expert analysis of how health care reform effects you, your family and your business, contact Our Benefit Solution at 1-888-812-6619. This has been another health care reform minute, thanks for watching.
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