Texas could face health insurance sticker shock for 2016

Texas could face health insurance sticker shock for 2016
"Just when we thought we were out of the woods, we now have to worry about whether private health insurers will deliver affordable rates – which is what the law is supposed to be all about," said Vivian Ho, a health-care economist at Rice University's …
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A beef with private health insurance
I've been a member of a private health fund all my life, yet I can't say it's served me well, especially not recently. I suppose I'm lucky in that I'm relatively healthy and so is my family — touch wood — but even so, almost every time I put my fund …
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Wal-Mart sued for denying health insurance to gay worker's wife
Wal-Mart, the largest private U.S. employer, began offering health insurance benefits to same-sex spouses last year, after the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013 struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act that denied federal benefits to married gay couples.
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Health insurance may muddle tax time for some
H&R Block is holding open houses Thursday until 9 p.m. at all of its locations. Consumers can get free help determining how the ACA will affect their tax preparation. Have a health care story to tell? Email us at healthinsurance.com. Follow Jayne on …
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In US, Uninsured Rate Sinks to 12.9%
The fourth-quarter results are based on more than 43,000 interviews with U.S. adults from Oct. 1 to Dec. 30, 2014, as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Gallup and Healthways ask 500 U.S. adults each day whether they have health insurance, …
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The 5 Most Common Health Insurance Exemptions
But what if you couldn't afford health insurance, or you have religious reasons for opposing it? The law allows for exemptions, and a lot of people are expected to qualify. In fact, according to a report out earlier this year by the Congressional …
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Health Insurance and Your Taxes: What to Know

Health Insurance and Your Taxes: What to Know
Filing taxes is going to be different this year for many of us. For the first time, Americans are required to pay a tax penalty if they didn't have health insurance. Well – some are. According to tax preparation giant TurboTax, about half of the 40 …
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Despite Obamacare, gap health insurance market explodes
NEW YORK Despite the promise of coverage through the U.S. Affordable Care Act (ACA), the number of people applying for non-compliant, short-term health insurance policies was up more than 100 percent in 2014, according to new data available from …
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Obama defends health care law amid Supreme Court case
WASHINGTON — Despite years of political and legal challenges, President Obama said Tuesday his health care law has insured millions, saved lives, and is a success that is here to stay. "After a century of talk, after decades of trying, after a year of …
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Americans Protest Obamacare by Refusing Health Insurance Subsidies

Americans Protest Obamacare by Refusing Health Insurance Subsidies
… which she says fit her needs. But under the Affordable Care Act, the government's health care reform law, the plan was discontinued because it did not comply with the law's requirements, and her bills doubled to more than $ 400 a month. "I wanted a …
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Immigrants still face health care enrollment snags
Identity verification is done through credit history on HealthCare.gov and for some states with their own exchanges. That creates problems for many low-income people, especially those who haven't been in the USA long enough to have credit cards or loans.
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US top court backs Muslim woman denied job over head scarf
The court has taken an expansive view of religious rights. Last year, it sided with a Christian-owned company that objected on religious grounds to providing health insurance coverage for birth control for women. Abercrombie said in a statement the …
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Workers 'squeezed' by health insurance costs
Even when there's good news for health insurance prices, workers still can't catch a break. A slow-down in growth of premium prices for employer-based health insurance in most of the United States in recent years has yet to translate into relief for …
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Anthem Health Insurance Hacked
And this is one of the big insurance companies tell us who else might be affected hear also the government of big. Customer a vamp from crack. Well everything all ties connected to this database will have to be examined. And I can tell you this …
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Harper Review – implications for the private health insurance industry

Harper Review – implications for the private health insurance industry
If implemented, these recommendations could have significant ramifications for Australian businesses, including private health insurance companies. In this update, we provide an overview for private health insurers on some of the Harper Review's key …
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BCBS to launch retiree health insurance exchange
The Blues plans currently provide many employers with retiree health insurance. The emergence of private health insurance exchanges, including Towers Watson's OneExchange and Aon Retiree Health Exchange, coupled with a shift to defined contribution, …
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Renters Insurance Quotes for Florida Residents Now Quoted Online at Consumer Insurance Portal

Miami, FL (PRWEB) March 15, 2015

The state of Florida has increased in population in the cities of Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami over the past decade due partly to the influx of retirees and college students. The Insurance Pros company is now helping residents to find renters insurance quotes from FL companies at http://insuranceprosusa.com/renters-insurance.html.

The policies that a person has access to review and quote through the insurer tool for this year are supplied by Florida agents. Residents who rent apartments, single family homes or condos in the Sunshine State will now have an easier time when comparing and reviewing agencies for price data while using the connected quotation tool.

“Men and women who are without protection for valuables while renting a home can now receive protection that is affordable through agencies inside of our system,” said one Insurance Pros USA rep.

The FL insurers that are now helping to cover students, retired adults and working adults through renter policies also quote automotive and motorcycle coverage. The personal insurance protection that is now required statewide in Florida by all operators of a motor vehicle can also be quoted using the search database.

“We’re helping the public by offering more than one solution to obtain, compare or review insurers using our easy quote system,” said the rep.

The Insurance Pros company is planning to update the current design of its website to make room for additional insurers that will be added later this year. A new design is expected soon although consumers can still quote life coverage policies at http://insuranceprosusa.com/life-insurance.html.

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The InsuranceProsUSA.com company provides access to insurers quoting plans of coverage through its open search portal daily. The company reviews and adds different agencies to allow the public better formats for comparing prices. The InsuranceProsUSA.com company now supplies access to home, health, business, renter, medicare and other forms of coverage American companies underwrite.