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Health insurance may muddle tax time for some
H&R Block is holding open houses Thursday until 9 p.m. at all of its locations. Consumers can get free help determining how the ACA will affect their tax preparation. Have a health care story to tell? Email us at Follow Jayne on …
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In US, Uninsured Rate Sinks to 12.9%
The fourth-quarter results are based on more than 43,000 interviews with U.S. adults from Oct. 1 to Dec. 30, 2014, as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Gallup and Healthways ask 500 U.S. adults each day whether they have health insurance, …

The 5 Most Common Health Insurance Exemptions
But what if you couldn't afford health insurance, or you have religious reasons for opposing it? The law allows for exemptions, and a lot of people are expected to qualify. In fact, according to a report out earlier this year by the Congressional …
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US top court backs Muslim woman denied job over head scarf
The court has taken an expansive view of religious rights. Last year, it sided with a Christian-owned company that objected on religious grounds to providing health insurance coverage for birth control for women. Abercrombie said in a statement the …
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Workers 'squeezed' by health insurance costs
Even when there's good news for health insurance prices, workers still can't catch a break. A slow-down in growth of premium prices for employer-based health insurance in most of the United States in recent years has yet to translate into relief for …
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Anthem Health Insurance Hacked
And this is one of the big insurance companies tell us who else might be affected hear also the government of big. Customer a vamp from crack. Well everything all ties connected to this database will have to be examined. And I can tell you this …
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Poll: Which plan would you prefer: 'Healthy Utah,' 'Utah Cares' or neither?
Tens of thousands of Utahns are currently living without health insurance, trapped in what is called the Medicaid gap. Wednesday night, lawmakers killed one plan to cover them, while passing another. In a 9-4 vote, the House Business and Labor …

Health Insurance Enrollment: Beating the Deadline
THERE'S still time to get health insurance this year under the Affordable Care Act. But you'll have to be quick. The deadline for coverage in 2015 is midnight Sunday. Those who miss the cutoff won't be able to enroll in a plan this year and will have …
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Despite Obamacare, mental health coverage lags
The federal law first required parity for group health insurance policies in 2010, and Barry said that as of Jan. 1, 2014, insurance plans on state exchanges also were required to offer plans with equivalent cost-sharing and prior authorizations for …
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Health-Law Enrollment in 2015 Won't Meet Forecast
WASHINGTON—Millions fewer people will enroll in private health plans under the Affordable Care Act next year than the Congressional Budget Office had predicted, the Obama administration said Monday. The developments are the latest sign that the law, …
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Connecture's Christopher Neuharth To Participate In Panel On Private Health
BROOKFIELD, Wis., Nov. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Connecture, Inc., a leading provider of web-based information systems used to create health insurance marketplaces, today announced that Christopher Neuharth, the company's vice president of product …
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Sebelius out at US Department of Health and Human Services
In reality, the health care overhaul—which mandates individuals without insurance to purchase coverage from private insurers—cuts costs for government and corporations while boosting the profit margins of the insurance companies. In her remarks on …
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US insurers still expect cuts in 2015 Medicare payments
The comments from individual insurers echoed that of industry trade group America's Health Insurance Plans, which said it was concerned about how the policy will affect the 15 million people who receive privately managed benefits. The balance of the …
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Exchange works to enroll stragglers
About 3,500 Connecticut residents have enrolled in health insurance through the state's health care exchange, Access Health CT, since the official open enrollment deadline passed on March 31. That's in addition to the nearly 200,000 who enrolled …
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Health Insurance Marketplace Startup Lands .5M
In addition to helping people buy insurance, Gravie provides members what it calls “concierge-level after-sale services”—such as health plan troubleshooting, ongoing consultation, analysis of spending across health care accounts, and assistance in …
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White House orders broader Obamacare health plans in 2015
The Obama administration is requiring health plans in Obamacare insurance marketplaces to include a more robust offering of care providers in 2015 after some early backlash over limited networks in the health care law's first year. Health plans selling …
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National Restaurant Association Partners with eHealth for Health Insurance
Through this new partnership, NRA members will have access to a co-branded eHealth health insurance shopping experience. eHealth offers personalized quotes from brand-name insurance plans as well as plan comparisons, consumer decision-support …
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Labor union officials say Obama betrayed them in health-care rollout
Their complaints reflect a broad sense of disappointment among many labor leaders, who say the Affordable Care Act has subjected union health plans to new taxes and mandates while not allowing them to share in the subsidies that have gone to private …
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Poll: Support For High School Football, Despite Concussion Risks
Making sure that children are active often means getting them interested in sports. But parents have to weigh the health risks of those sports, including hits that can cause concussions. Concussions are brain injuries. Most people, including kids …
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More, unseen wrinkles in health care law bugging businesses
As health plans go in Montana, the Montana Contractors' Association plan for employees at its member firms is a good one — great benefits, very little cost to employees, locally managed. But the Affordable Care Act, the law known as “Obamacare,” has a …
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Democrats Tout Business Man Who Gets Subsidized Health Insurance as an
On Monday, January 6, the Texas Democratic Party held a conference call with media to tout how Obamacare is supposedly helping Texans obtain health insurance. The call included party leaders like state Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer (D-Dallas), the White …
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Cracking The Code On Health Care Costs: What The States Can Do
State governments have a unique opportunity to transform the current health care system into one that provides higher-quality care at lower costs. The State Health Care Cost Containment Commission was created to identify how states might use their …
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No No problem, private sites say
Far from the early fears that government-run health insurance exchanges would wipe out private competition, shares of eHealth Inc., the Silicon Valley company that owns, have quadrupled since since 2010. The stock is up 64% since …
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Deadline's here: Is fixed? Sort of
"So the fixes that you hear us talking about, the hardware improvements that you hear us talking about, those are all designed to improve performance and functionality of the site and the user experience for the consumers that are choosing to access …
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US government plan adjusts 2014 risk payments for health insurers
(Reuters) – The U.S. government has issued a proposal that would likely increase risk payments in 2014 to health insurers offering plans on the Obamacare exchanges after the companies complained a recent policy change allowing people to keep their …
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Federal exchange sends unqualified people to Medicaid
The federal health care exchange is incorrectly determining that some people are eligible for Medicaid when they clearly are not, leaving them with little chance to get the subsidized insurance they are entitled to as the Dec. 23 deadline for … "We …
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Market, insurers will keep premiums low, analysts say
WASHINGTON — Market forces and an impetus to attract younger, healthier people into the insurance market will help keep health insurance premiums lower as the 2010 health care law takes effect on Jan. 1, industry analysts and insurance officials say.
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The Real Power of Health Insurance
As business owners, we tend to view health insurance as a nice perk to offer employees. But it's not a perk. It's a requirement for anyone choosing to go it alone as an entrepreneur. One thing that people–and I'm one of them–seem to forget when it …

Study: Obamacare to subsidize insurance for 83000 in Rhode Island
"The tax-credit subsidies are a game-changer: They will make health coverage affordable for huge numbers of uninsured families who would have been priced out of the health coverage and care they need," Ron Pollack, Families USA's executive director, …
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